Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Young Pair of the Year Award

The Young Pair of the year award is awarded annually to pairs that achieved a variety of good results at the bridge table, whilst also conducting themselves in a pleasant and friendly manner.

In just one year (2008) this up and coming pair went from being thought of as youngsters who were promising but had a long way to go, to being a pivotal and integral part of the Under 20 squad. They started the year by rising from below average to 3rd place in the Year End Congress Men's Pairs. By February they were the leading English pair at the Peggy Bayer trophy. In April they went on to score some tremendous results at the Spring Fours by reaching round 4 – indeed at the beginning they knocked out a team of four open internationals by over 30 imps.

In the Summer they were England’s best placed pair in the European youth pairs, finishing tantalisingly close to a medal.

As members of the under 20 squad they approached the challenges they faced at and away from the bridge table with enthusiasm and drive, and have always maintained a friendly and helpful attitude.

They finished playing together last Autumn and still play together on many teams – such as the 2009 Spring Fours!

It is my great joy to announce that the title of Young Pair of the Year 2008 is awarded to Graeme Robertson and James Paul.

  • James is 18 and from reading in Berkshire, he is in his first year reading Maths at Balliol College Oxford.
  • Graeme is 19 and from Bedford, he is in his second year studying Maths at Cambridge University.