Thursday, 12 June 2008

European Youth Pairs

The 9th European Youth Pairs takes place in Wroclaw, Poland, from 15th to 18th July. The following pairs have been nominated to take part in these championships:

Under 21
Liam Jones & David Faria
James Thrower & Shivam Shah
Robert Myers & Ben Paske
James Paul & Graeme Robertson
Thomas Rainforth & Philip Railing

Under 26
Ed Jones & Tom Paske
Ian Angus & Joe Clacey

Susan Stockdale & Fiona Brown
Sinead Bird & Jennifer Marvin

This represents a considerable increase in English participation in this tournament and we are extremely grateful to the Educational Trust for British Bridge who have helped seven of these pairs, two from Wales and one from Scotland with considerable financial support. Good luck to all our pairs. Updates on their progress as the tournament progresses.